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The 'Z' Mixtape - 5th Anniversary


Welcome back.

Around 5 years ago I came up with the idea of the Mykadelica Alphabet - a simple idea to make 26 items across different disciplines (writing, music, stories, images, graphic design, illustration etc) and 'hide' them across the internet, for people to find and discover in their own way.

I did little to no promotion for them, but made sure every item had a letter of the alphabet - allowing people to discover at their own pace. To this date, some of the work (and in my opinion, some of the best of the work) has not been found to this day, and I am keen to not reveal any details as to where they are either...

The 'z' mixtape was, of course, the final piece of the puzzle, and the one which people have started to find, thanks to my YouTube channel, which, when I first started posting, was also kind of a secret (though not anymore, according to the near 500 views I've received for some of my vids!)

Anyway, feel free to listen to the newly updated 'z' mixtape - now officially within the Mykadelica Creates... branding - and celebrate with me the 5th Anniversary of this secretive little mix!

Until next week!



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