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Mykadelica -'Halfasleepprince' - my first ever fully animated 2D video!


Apologies again for going missing - unfortunately some weeks seem to fly by, and before you know it, I've missed my window of opportunity! Well, there's no time like the present - and I think I'm coming back with my 'A' game...

I have recently updated my splash page for 'Halfasleepprince', a track I made back in 2016 - the video being made during 2020 (the Lockdown year).

Some background - I have a lot of love for this video, as it is my first 2D animation I ever created. You see, during Lockdown (now, before I go on, forgive me if I bore you, as I have mentioned this many times before) I decided to stretch my creative muscles and learn things I had always wanted to do, but just not had the time. Animation, Blender and Coding were 3 things high on the list. I spent 8 hours per day (the exact time I would be at work) studying, practicing, and making mistakes.

It would be at least a year before I felt ready to put something together, and using an image from me draped across a table at the Crypt as a starting point, this video started to take shape. The product of a lot of effort (animating is very time consuming!) - here it is - my first fully animated music video to my track 'Halfasleepprince' - enjoy!

til next week



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