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Let me tell you about Mykadelica...

I have been interested in being creative ever since I was young. I would always draw, in blue biro, while my friends were outside on their bikes. When I wasn't drawing I would be trying to play electric guitar along to Prince guitar solos, and cutting up tapes and sticking them back together to play in my spray-painted cassette player.

This led me to go on to do a Foundation Course in Art and Design, then a HND in 3D Design, and finally an honours Degree in Ceramics. I experienced a lot of different disciplines through this time, but graphics was the thing I naturally gravitated towards, leading me to teach this as part of my work in Secondary school teaching.

A desire to travel, and document what I experienced, got me into writing - which then led me to write about what I loved - music and gigs, and then about London, for a variety of websites and blogs. I have been reasonably successful at this - to date my WeekendNotes page has over 34,000 readers. I have also received praise for my photography, with some of my images for Sonar and Bloc festivals (while writing for Release Magazine) being highly complimented.

I am now an independent electronic musician, sound artist and illustrator. I have recently performed a sound art piece as part of a duo at the Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, as well as djing/vjing and playing live electronics around London at venues such as the Social, Pround Galleries and the Alibi over the last 10 years or so. I have had a number of aliases over the years - Cim10/ Cim20/ tEACHERmIKE/WhyM? and Rophone (probably my most succesful moniker after Mykadelica). Highlights of my time in music so far have been having one of my tracks featured on the Future Music cover disc, being played live on an Arts music radio station in London, and performing to a packed room at Proud Galleries, Camden.

"I am looking forward to more from ROPHONE."

(N. Quentin Woolf, The Arts Show, Xstream East Radio)

My illustration style falls into two categories - colourful - with an emphasis on bright, sometimes mainly primary colours, and hyper-realistic images. I like to sometimes blend the two together to create surreal, yet recognisable vivid images. I am currently working on extending this into the animated realm, to bring a further aspect to my work. I have had two solo exhibitions to date, one a month-long retrospective of my art to date, the other a selection of images - with emphasis on my new triptych.

I am now as active as ever, as you will see from my creative profile below - 

What I've done ...

July '22    - 2 DJ sets (Ambient/ IDM) performed at Iklectik, in support of 'Women in                 Electronic Music' exhibition P.V.

Feb '22    - new experimental track "The Day After 48" performed on Radiophrenia

Dec '21    - Mykadelica live from the Crypt - short experimental set from                                     Jazz Live @ The Crypt, Camberwell

Jun '21     -  Performed Dex and VFX live at the Adelphi, Hull as part of the Victory                      Club re-opening events

Dec '20     - illustration work featured as part of online Illustrator's Fair

Nov '20    - "Distressed Beats" track played on Radiophrenia

Aug '20     - nygi_designs feat. Mykadelica 'Robot Boy' collaboration

Apr '20     - Interview with Alex Paterson (The Orb) for Release Magazine (phone                      interview and writing of spotlight feature for magazine)

                - Contribution to Mapping This Moment - They Draw and Travel website                     (map created entitled 'London April 2020')

Feb '20     - EMOM - Mykadelica, Jazz Live at the Crypt, Camberwell (short live 

 to              electronic performances as part of a roster)

Oct '19

Jan '20      - Review for Squarepusher 'Be Up A Hello' on Release Magazine                              (received thanks from Warp Records)

Sept '19     - Contributed 'Time To Turn Up' image to #TurnUp campaign (to                                 encourage young people to vote)

Mar '19     - Mykatronic - electronic music live jam - Amersham Arms, London                            (performed, compered and dj'ed)

Dec '18      - The House Of Illustration Winter Fayre (Exhibited)

                - "Live Mixing" performance at 100 Years Gallery, Hoxton (performed                        solo piece as part of group show)

Nov '18     - Pancakes & Booze Art Show, London (dj set)

Oct '18     - Rophone e.p. released on WEATNU Records, USA across multiple                          platforms including ITunes and Deezer

Sept '18    - Joe's, London - All Hands On Decks (Vinyl only dj set)

Apr '18     - Goldsmith's, London - Sharon Gal: Feel The Noise (part of ensemble)

               - The Girl With The Pink Hat, Peckham Pelican, London (solo exhibtion -                     10images)

Feb '18     - Neural Ohmlette, The Social, London (DJ Set)

&             - EMOM@The Troubadour, London (live set as Rophone)

Apr '18    - Unparalleled 145, Kings X, London (mini-exhibition - 6 images )


Dec '17


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