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New (old) track

Hello again!

It's nearly the end of January, and as the saying goes - 'out with the old, in with the new' - so I have once again gone to my archives and re-packaged a track from my 'Yumichan' days. This one is called 'Shinysh*t' - another slab of quirky electronica, this time featuring a video made up of prismatic effects on a close up of my face!

Again, sticking to the colour scheme of previous videos (namely pink/purple and yellow), I made up the video from close-ups of my face, especially my moustache and beard.

Why? Well, I just quite liked the textural qualities of my facial hair, and thought the effects made for a slightly more surreal experience than the norm.

Hope you like it - look back next week for exclusive freebies to newsletter subscribers (what, not a subscriber yet? Don't worry - you have time - subscribe to my newsletter before next Sunday!)

Until next week!



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