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Mykadelica - live from the Crypt


Another update to an old YouTube video - this time one of my most intimate live recordings - Mykadelica live from the Crypt (1st person perspective)

Some background - I used to love testing new stuff out at a great little venue in South London, the Crypt in Camberwell. It was basically a venue created in the basement of a church in Camberwell, East London - and usually catered to a Jazz crowd. However, a local guy, and fine experimental musician, turned the venue once a month into a performance space for electronic musicians to perform their works. You would sign up to play on arrival, and then have 15 minutes to perform your work to an appreciative electronic music loving audience. I used to love listening to the different styles of music on display and marvel at the strange and obscure equipment the music was being played on (electronic music is partly about the gear after all).

This video is from one of those nights - just under 15 minutes - pre-Covid, with the camera up close and personal. You can see me performing on my Monster, some visuals in the background, and....well that's about it! I used to love playing my latest works at the Crypt - to see what stuck and what didn't - so this video brings back warm memories...

Enjoy, and see you next week!



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