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New news


Here's the last video for you from my performance in Hull - and now for the good news...more gigs on the way! Look out for more news on my blog (ie here) or around my socials, as I take my new set up around London for a little bit of dex, fx and vr!

I'll be announcing stuff as it happens, so keep your diary dates free....

In other news, I've finally got my first cgi stuff up on the web too - look for Mykadelica on Sketchfab to see my first cgi model - a pirate treasure chest entered as a model for a competition - and an entry point into this new and exciting cgi world (at least for me anyway!)

As September arrives, expect new work to appear in all manner of form and style - illustration, cgi, music and writing - as always, all the news here first! I am also going to really get my email newsletter into gear too - so if you want to be kept up to date - why not subscribe?


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