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Happy New Year!

It's great to be back - and writing this blog once more.

I know I have neglected the blog a little, mainly because I have spent so much time on my YouTube channel trying to build it up. After a little break over the holiday period I have decided to balance my time a little more evenly - so here is where it all begins again!

So, here's the news - SUNDAY is now the day everything happens - it is when I will upload new videos to 'MykadelicaCreates...' over on YouTube, it is also when you should see me on the socials - and of course, when a new blog post should pop up on this site (and in your inbox if you are my subscriber (a big thankyou if you are!))

For today, I have decided to go all the way back into my history, and have re-presented an old video of me performing a VJ set live as RPHN.

Now, about RPHN alias was born quickly, and didn't last very long - but let me explain WHY it existed. Around the 2010's I was performing as a sometime duo named Rophone - we ran a couple of nights, and both performed live (as a duo), and DJ'ed (me alone). However, I really started to get into VJing - and got the opportunity to do so at a place called Power Lunches in Haggerston.

As I got ready for the gig I realised that what I wanted to do didn't strictly fit under the Rophone alias (and, as you'll see at the end of the video, I aliased the actual artwork to Mykadelica), so I decided I needed to come up with a 4th alias to bridge the gap between the music and VJing - hence RPHN was born.

Now, I know I mentioned RPHN was a 4th alias - but have only talked about 2 so far - this is because, going further back still, I started off djing as tEACHERmIKE - but that's for another day!

Anyway, here's the edit - a piece of history - enjoy!



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