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"B", "C" and Mykatronic is back!


Busy news article this week - so let's get into it!

"B" is now mastered and has been added to my album - available exclusively through this very website - check it out, it'll cost you nothing.

I had fun with "C" - telling the story of the idea behind my alphabet, through going backwards to the creation of "C" herself - go over to my blogspot to have a read in its raw state (ie it will be edited and re-edited as time goes along)

Now for the big news - Mykatronic is back! I have been in negotiations for a while now, and believe I have found the natural successor to the night held at "The Alibi". I wanted somewhere that was as equally passionate about music, and looking for something really different - that place is, of course, the famous Amersham Arms, and Mykatronic will be reborn their on March 10. Mark the date!

OK, enough news - spread the word!


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