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Trackvember + Radiophrenia!


A bit of a first, this one - following on from last month's exploits in making a sketch a day, I have decided to up the ante - and make a track every day of November...

I am on track (pardon the pun) so far and have done 7 for the 7 days we've had so far - but I am not going to release all of them initally, instead I am going to choose just one to be polished up, and this will be published for you to listen to. I don't know what I'm going to do with the other tracks yet - we'll see...

As you can see, these things are keeping me busy, so I'm putting the other videos for my Lockdown Trax ep on hold for the moment (plus as we're in Lockdown again, it doesn't feel right) - so expect them in the near future.

Finally, I will be part of Radiophrenia this coming weekend - listen out for my "Distressed Beats" track between 10 and 10.30pm next Sunday (15th November) - - have a listen!

Till next week!



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