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Old track - new look


Hope you had a good week - it's Sunday again - so it's time for some more Mykadelica goodness.

It's another update - and from the same sessions that brought you my most popular video, 'Yumichan' - this is 'Sotheceremnyison'...

A little background to the video on this one- around the time I made this video I had just got hold of a little kaleidoscope (one of those tubes with an eyepiece on one end, and mirrors with pieces of coloured paper or glass in the other, which create patterns when viewed).

I decided I wanted to make a video utilising the properties of this tiny little tool (tiny, because mine was actually a keyring). So, I set to matching the end of the kaleidoscope to the lens of my phone camera, and pressed record!

Mine was not the greatest phone at the time, and the quality would be so much better filmed on a modern day phone, but I think the bluriness and cloudy effect adds something to the overall images

Thanks for watching and listening to me go on - more next week!



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