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Mykadelica Mountain revisited


Over 25 years ago I created an image called Mykadelic Mountain - it was an attempt to create something futuristic, using both photography and illustrated elements - it became one of my favourite images. I decided to revisit it this month, not consciously, but an idea came up that naturally seemed to fit.

I wanted to do something in an 8-bit pixelated style, and the idea of the mountain, in which my logo was both seared and pressed into the mountain top seemed like too good an opportunity to waste. I am happy with the results, and enjoyed using the pixelated style - so different to what I normally do (which is use curves).

Probably the aspect I like most is the sheep - and let me tell you a little secret - they're exactly the same as the clouds, just with an end part painted black, an eye and legs added!

More exciting things to come!



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