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My most popular track!

Hi again!

It's Sunday - so it's Mykadelica time!

This week I have made a brand new ident for what has turned out to be my most popular track to date - 'Yumichan'.

A little history on the track....

I had taken a break from music for a while, as I am prone to do after periods of intense creation, but was inspired to do an ep of four tracks, but working in a different way to previously. The key to this ep would be that I would also accompany the tracks with matching visuals - so there wouldn't just be a connection between the sounds, but the images too.

The ep was made during 2016 - with each track being accompanied by its own video - placed on a customised website - a one page screen with 4 squares making up a larger video square. The idea was to make an interactive space, where the videos could be played separately, or collage-style with the tracks playing all together, or in combination.

A final combining idea was to make each video using the same colour scheme - purple and yellow.

'Yumichan' has proven to be the most popular of the tracks to date - a chirpy track which angles between plinky xylophone hits and crashing beats with accompanying electro stabs. I have re-posted today with a brand new Mykadelica splash screen - hope you enjoy!


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