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Inktober Week 2


So, here's another from this week's Inktober 2020 challenge. This one seemed to be the most popular this week- mainly because of the prompt I believe - everyone could do with a little 'hope' couldn't they?

A little about the image then - it was made, as always, using Adobe Photoshop Sketch - my current tool of choice, and is actually based on my own hand (you probably guessed that part!)

If you want to see the rest of the images - head over to my Instagram @mykadelica - and you'll find the whole Inktober set to date - 17 images and counting...

Next week I'll bring you the popular image from Inktober Week 3, plus you'll get to see the 3rd video I've made for the "LockdownTrax" ep...

Till then then!



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