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Inktober - Week 1


Have you heard of Inktober? It is a yearly event set in the month of October, with a prompt a day for artists of all persuasions to flex their creative muscles and try something new.

It is a real challenge for me, as I am naturally drawn to colourful imagery - so limiting myself to black and white is very tough - but I've managed a week so far and things are going ok...

I've included one of the images that represents Week 1 - drawn to the brief "prey" - as you can see, it is hunter vs hunted x 3, and also the first time I've ever drawn a dinosaur - so I hope it looks ok!

In other news, my "LockdownTrax" ep (recorded as Rophone), is up on my site now - look under music to find it - and the third video is on its way too (my plan is for the last week of October)

Well, back to the sketching - if you want to see all of my Inktober sketchesyou can either check out my Facebook page (Mykadelica) or @Mykadelica on Instagram.

Until next week!



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