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Illustrator's Fair news (updated for '22 below)

This was my last post (underlined) - below it you will see what ACTUALLY happened...


So, here's my preview of what I will have up for sale next Saturday at the Illustrator's Fair in Kings Cross...

-xmas cards

-greetings cards

-2 sticker collections (a selected best bits from 2021, and a set created from circles)

-A3 prints


+ I will have some open speech bubble Santa cards for purchasers to customise themselves (or I am happy to add the information for you, right there and then!)

So looking forward to seeing you all next week - enjoy my preview video!


An update - it is now 6 months later, and I have been away from the blog for that long, but I have been far from inactive...

I thought this was a good time to return to posting, as I will be at the upcoming Illustrators Fair this Saturday at Kings X, and I WASN'T at the one I was promoting (above) - quite simply, with days to go before the market, and all preparations done, I got COVID! So, instead of signing Christmas Cards and the like, I sat at home and felt sorry for myself for 10 days.

I am happy to say that all going well I WILL be there in person this Saturday, with sticker packs, large prints, A5 prints and even more goodness to share with you!

It's going to be a hot one - so bring your water, and see you there!



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