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It's a busy week so let's get straight into it.

First off - I am taking part in Inktober - which means I will be doing a black and white image to a prompt EVERY DAY during the month of October! There are three available to view on my Instagram already - and more to follow...

Next up, "PrettyDevastating"...

This is the second track/ video from the "Lockdown Trax" ep - you can see it on my homepage this week - it is a pure beats-and-noise affair, which some of you might quite like.

Which leads me to...

The "Lockdown Trax" ep is now available exclusively on my website. Go over to the music section to hear it in its full glory - with "PrettyDevastating" also available on my Soundcloud page.

Let me know what you think - your comments are always welcome.

Now, if I may get back to my sketching...


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