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Missing live music


Hope you're all well - as normal I have been busy doing various creative pursuits - this week I have actually been busy making promo postcards - they're looking pretty sweet - more to follow on them soon...

I've also been thinking about live music a lot recently - you see, I am not just a music maker/ live performer - I am a gig goer - and I really miss being able to do that - that's why this weeks image is one of me performing at 'Mykatronic' - one day I hope to be able to do the same again.

Anyway, to fill the gap, and to keep me focussed, I have put together a new collection of tracks, using old samples, in ridiculous ways - you will notice that this naturally lends itself to my "Rophone" alter-ego - so I guess you could say Rophone is back!

The EP is set to be released this September - so expect it soon....


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