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Hi again!

As promised, I'm sending a glut of work your way - stuff I've been doing over the lockdown period, and skills I've been learning.

I told you I've been learning animation, but have only shown you one video so far - my music video. This is because animation takes TIME! Especially when you want to clean it up into a presentable form.

So, here's one of my learning videos - the brief was 'Metamorphosis', and the starting point was a piece of fruit into some kind of animal. I chose the banana (as they were part of our weekly home shop), into a bird, mainly because I thought that the way you peeled a banana could easily become wings.

So from this starting point you get this animation - its kind of blink-and-you'll-miss-it, at 6 seconds, but there you go!

Enjoy - more coming soon...


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