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Two signs


Two signs that I think mean life is returning in some way back to normal - the return of football, and record shops opening. I had a fantastic experience of both today, though obviously in not quite the same way as previously. Football was on tv, with no audience and piped in crowd noise. There was, however, commentary, and even though the two teams involved were not my favourite (that will come tomorrow) - it was great to watch.

Secondly, the record shop experience. Hand sanitizer and gloves at the shop entrance, before touching the records - and a strict number of people and one way system with social distancing around the store, but still - I could browse, read and buy - and it felt good.

I hope you are managing to get some way to feeling back to normal - it's slowly happening!

In my own news - I have been working on some more animation - which hopefully will get finished this week - and something special - my first attempts at CGI!

Until then...


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