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The return of productivity, and the return of Rophone....


I know, I know - it seems like I blipped off the radar again recently. The fact is, I have been working extra hard to get some new stuff together to show you.

Don't get excited, it's not happening just yet. Be assured though that things are happening in the background, and new artwork, performances and shows are all on their way.

In fact, in exciting news - I brought back one of my original aliases for a little show last week, at the Harrison in Angel, Islington. I played a ten minute noise piece, which certainly got people's attention! In fact one person actually came up to me and said "my ears still hurt". Hopefully it was a tongue-in-cheek joke!

Anyway, more appearances for Mr. Rophone are planned, as well as an imminent showing for my latest incarnation - Mykadelica...

Keep it here for news coming soon...


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