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What a week! (part 2)


A busy week topped off with both a sound art performance on Thursday, and my Mykadelica store, which I was so proud of.

So first, thanks to Graham Dunning for an excellently out together end of term event - was great fun, and I felt proud, not just to show my "Live Mixing" project, but to also take part as one of the ensemble singers in another group.

Taking part in the House of Illustration Winter Fair was special. It was great to be a part of so many talented hand-selected artists, and I felt truly humbled to be among them. The crowds were numerous and inquisitive, and my new business cards proved to be a great success!

Now it is back to the grindstone until the end of the year, then plans for the upcoming year- in which I hope to get a whole lot of new work out there!



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