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An amazing weekend has just finished - the reason for the use of 'amazing'? Well, if you consider that I have been more pro-active than ever, and used the weekend to it's fullest, that's a start - but also I really have had a blast of electronic energy.

First up - the amazing Aphex Twin pop up in Dalston, which allowed me to clear my mind while queueing, then brought some inspiration as I finally got my hands on the legendary Donkey Rhubarb bear I've secretly always craved!

Just 12 hours later I was in the Hangar in London Fields, about to listen to Teebs (of Brainfeeder fame), and a mercurial set from another of my favourite performers - Prefuse 73. Again, liquid hip hop and laser lights sent my mind off into other creative places - and 101 different music ideas emerged - some of which may become Mykadelica and/or Rophone tracks pretty soon.

The weekend - sometimes it's just too good, eh!


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