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New music and new art - Mykadelica is back!


Sorry for the lack of a post last week, I was on holiday!

This post should more than make up for it though, as I bring you amazing news. First up, my first ep for WEATNU Records will be released on 10/10/18 (so this Wednesday!) The ep consists of 5 tracks ranging from experimental to techno, and I consider it to be the best work I have done to date - I believe you will!

Secondly, I will be exhibiting and selling new and old work as part of the Winter Illustrators' Fair in Kings Cross, run by the nearby House of Illustration. This will take place on Saturday 8th September from 11am - 5pm, more details to follow.

Lots of exciting things around the corner, as you can see - keep up to date by checking out this blog every week!


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