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Hi! I'm Mykadelica - do you need illustrations/ animations/ music to go along with them? I'm here for that! Check out my 2D/3D/Sound work on the above links, look at my blog for up to date news, and my profile to see what I've done. If you like what you see - message me!

As a multi-disciplinarian, with a big imagination, I can create things others can only dream about - want a 3D model? I can do that. Need a poster? I can do that too. Made a video and need some moody music? - I'm there also. Need somebody to lead a sketching workshop? - yep, I can do that. What, you only came here to find a dj - been doing that for over ten years, actually...

If you're interested, look around the site, check out my YouTube channel, then contact me via my form - let's make your dreams quirky realities!

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